The MDIA implements various methods of recognition to foster, promote and facilitate the advancement and utilisation of innovative technology arrangements and their design and uses. This section provides a brief overview of these initiatives and the registered service providers.

Systems Auditor Certificate

In line with Article 9 of the ITAS Act, Applicants interested in performing Systems Audits shall apply to the Malta Digital Innovation Authority for their suitability to be registered. Subject to requirements established in this document, an Auditee may engage any registered Systems Auditor of their choice to audit Innovative Technology Arrangements or parts thereof. All Systems Audits carried out by registered Systems Auditors within the MDIA Guidelines documents shall be subject to requirements as set-out by the Authority.

Technical Administrator (TA) Certificate

Interested parties, being individuals or legal organisations, that are applying for registration, or hold a Certificate of Registration with the Authority, to act as a Technical Administrator. The Applicant interested in taking on the role of Technical Administrator shall apply to the Authority for their suitability to be registered. The Authority may recognise an Applicant to act as a registered Technical Administrator only if the Applicant satisfies the requisite criteria included in applicable MDIA Guidelines.

Innovative Technology Arrangement (ITA) Certificate

Innovative Technology Arrangements (‘ITAs’) in terms of the Innovative Technology Arrangements and Services Act (‘ITAS Act’) seeking a voluntary certification by the MDIA.

Technology Assurance Assessment Framework

TAAF has been designed to establish and provide policy and compliance utilities presented in graded levels and tailored technological assurance to a wide spectrum of technologies operating with different risk appetites within the local market. It’s primary objective is to ensure maximum assurance value to solution stakeholders.